The infinite very close

Maison d’Ault

Located on the only cliff of Picardie Maritime, 20 min from la Baie de Somme.

Our 5 rooms, each with bathroom, await you facing the sea.

You will have a drink on the panoramic terrace and, in fine weather, your breakfast in the private garden.

On foot from the Brise du Large, walking trails at the top and bottom of the cliffs to find a new breath.

Guest table

If you prefer not to go out to stay in the friendly atmosphere of the house you can choose to book the dinner around the guest table and its menus prepared to the minute.

The rooms

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the rooms in the Ault Brise Du Large house, 20m from the top of the cliff!
The change of scenery and the elements will seize you from each of the 5 rooms turned towards the horizon.
We also offer you Banette room reserved for the children of the parents of the rooms La Hune and Marée Haute...
You will not be surprised, simply charmed.

Take a new breath at Brise du Large.
Beautiful surprises await you...

We are being talked about!